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There was once a dream of a decentralised web.

As recently as a decade ago we had a still very active blogosphere, connected via blogrolls and RSS. Specialised web forums were still mainstream and messenger apps could largely interoperate.

Centralised social media slowly ate that dream. It had plenty of positives, but it pulled more and more people away from the open web and into corporate walled gardens.

Some people kept the dream of decentralisation alive. And now you are here.

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If you know what a modem sounds like, it may be time to schedule that colonoscopy and/or mammogram.

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@donmelton pretty much yeah: Mastodon, my blog, my private photos, my Swarm checkins and my GitHub issue comments

See also

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Hello Mastodon!

Small #introduction: Home Assistant is a free and open-source software for home automation designed to be a central control system for smart home devices with a focus on local control and privacy.

Powered by a worldwide community of tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts, Home Assistant integrates with over a thousand different devices and services.

For more information, check out our website at

#homeassistant #openhome #homeautomation

Not sure how to do software launches but here I go!

Today I'm releasing a new opensource app I've been working on to scratch my own itch.

Presenting gpodder2go ( a drop-in replacement for a server to help keep your podcast and episodes subscriptions data in your own hands without relying on a 3rd party service.

Currently, it implements the gpodder API and works on both gpodder and @AntennaPod clients. I hope to eventually build activepub support into it.

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We are honored to be in the Fediverse -- and among the #hachydermians! In particular, we are the first company on Hachyderm, and we take that responsibility really seriously; @nova and her team have drafted a Corporate Covenant that we think is a terrific model:

We love the Corporate Covenant because we feel it's very consistent with our principles and values:

We are thrilled to be here -- and excited for the future of the community!

unfiltered, local mastodon instance test 

running a file upload/download test!

everyone, meet our mastodon!

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I am intending to start posting my experiences and findings in first stabilizing, then scaling, along with where I see it going in the near/medium term.

I have quite a lot left to sort through and clean up. I should be at the point of circling back to the many (MANY!) people who kindly offered assistance.

Between work and home life and stamping out fires, I haven’t been able to spend the time yet to engage with those volunteers like I wanted. I did, however, manage to appoint an absolutely stellar moderation team. We have been going through a steep learning curve and appreciate your patience and grace as we get our legs under us. I expect we will need to expand that team, particularly to cover different times of day and languages other than English.

Also, I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the community. Three weeks ago, this website had 180 active users. As of this morning, there are 17,053. Very fortunately, I far overspec’d the server, but that was quickly overwhelmed as the site went through cuts cosmic inflationary period. I took some pretty aggressive but expensive steps to get things back to stable, and from a member perspective, that wasn’t the first experience I wanted people to have of mastodon or the fediverse. My intention, after I am able to sleep for a week, is to, with the help of some smart people I’ll be tapping, to consolidate and optimize (cost, performance, and scalability) the environment. In the mean time, Hetzner stock (if there is such a thing) might be a good investment.

It’s been quite interesting to watch the dynamics of the community. While we’ve grown nearly 100 fold in 2 weeks, I have been contacted by people letting me know they’re leaving because $X person is now on the instance, or that the timeline is too busy, or that there are too many 🐈 pics, and so on. For them, the small homey feel of the site was lost. I’ve been thinking about spinning up some parallel instances on the same infrastructure with moderated signups and possibly max numbers of active accounts.

The reason I started the DefSec podcast, I care about the security community deeply and that is why I set up this instance. I am not a celebrity or thought leader or a terribly important person in the scheme of things, and I am not doing this for fame, money, etc. I am fortunate enough to have a well paying job. I am doing this because I want us to be successful against the baddies. At the same time, members of the security community face many challenges like burn out, isolation, and it can be hard to find people who can relate to what we’re going through. My hope is that this place is helpful in some small way.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly for the community: my intention after I assess whether this is a flash in the pan, is to set up a non-profit foundation to oversee this instance. Assuming we don’t collapse back to 180 active accounts, I want this place to survive me. I want it to be trustworthy and transparent and reliable.

It’s been a busy two weeks. Thank you all for your patience and support. You are the best and I believe in you :blobheartcat:

I'm thinking of posting music content, should I be using another mastodon account or would it be enough to tag it with a hashtag that people can filter if they don't wish to see it?

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Hi fellow #gamedev. Looking to do some UI research on deckbuilders that involve building different decks at once or different part of a deck at once.

I have
- Griftlands
- Battle Bands
- Across the Obelisk
- Roguebook
- Arcanium

Any more that I am missing ?

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The collapse of Twitter is a system breakdown. Mastodon and the fediverse represent something different: _system change_. From for-profit "Big Tech" to nonprofit, open source, community-owned public spaces.

System change is always harder than you think. It always incurs short-term costs, with hoped for long-term benefits.

The next few weeks will be really tough for the fediverse. Stick around, vibe with it, and you just might help us put a huge part of the web back in community hands. <3

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This post is good. Read it, especially if you're just joining Mastodon from Twitter

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Hi there,

This is the official Mastodon account for the Python Software Foundation (PSF.) We're the non-profit home of the Python programming language and our mission is to to promote, protect, and advance the Python programming language, and to support and facilitate the growth of a diverse and international community of Python programmers.

We also run PyCon US,

We're excited to be here. :D

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Bring back blogs, I keep saying. "Mastodon is secretly just blogs", @simon says.

Found this nifty take via The Verge's homepage today and it's very appealing:

"You can post text and images to it. You can link to things. It’s a blog.

You can also subscribe to other people’s blogs—either by 'following' them (a subscribe in disguise) or—fun trick—you can add .rss to their page and subscribe in a regular news reader".

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Hello, I'm Florian. I have been on here since 2018.

I work as a system and network engineer for the RIPE NCC. I'm a Domain Name System (DNS) and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) expert and I'm responsible for running one of the 13 root name servers. In short, I'm one of the people keeping the Internet running. :flan_royal:

In my spare time I hack on OpenBSD and found my niche with privilege separated network daemons. :flan_hacker:

I like hiking and bicycle touring. We live with four people (two species felis catus, two species homo sapiens) in a house with a garden in the Netherlands. :flan_cat:

I identify as socialist but you'll find very little political commentary from me here.

A wise person once said: "Computers were a mistake." I can't agree more.

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The four stages of Mastodon user:
* what’s a Mastodon
* I feel lost and alone how does this work
* oh wow this is actually pretty cool
* I have compiled a linux kernel

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