Disappointed that the past 3 days of Aurora hunting didn't yield any results and its likely that I also wont be able to see any for the rest of the trip.

But I am still in awe of the beauty of . From a tropical city boy, thank you for sharing your beauty with me.

netflix, trailer, that 90s show 

Looks like they are bringing back "That 70s' Show" with a sequel!


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⚽ Need to keep up with the World Cup in between builds? Check out this extremely cool World Cup Bubble Tea dashboard TUI:


@juliangro can I ask, what stats program is that? Looks really neat!

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What is the recommended fediverse app for iOS? I just realised that the Mastodon iOS app hangs after 113 characters 🥲

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Released v0.1.1 of gpodder2go that should fix a couple of bugs with the user creation process


gpodder2go is a drop-in gpodder.net server replacement that allows you to keep your podcast subscriptions in sync while ensuring your data in still in your own hands.

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singapore brokerage, investing 

@dashrandom thanks for sharing!

I've decided to go for IB for US stocks and stick to the established brokers for SG stocks. I definitely prefer to keep SG stocks in CDP.

On a side note, DBS Vickers buy commission is now just min $10. More than 50% discount from the other brokers.

World cup, football/soccer 

Back at the local community centre to watch the World Cup! Great to be able to feel the communal spirit again and shout and scream in unison.

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Second Life, the pioneering virtual world founded in 2003 and still going strong at the ripe old age of 19 with 900,000 active users, is now on Mastodon! Here's the official account: "@ [email protected]" (*without* the space in between!). Here's a direct link to the profile: mastodon.social/@secondlife.

I consider #SecondLife to be the perfect model of a mature, fully-evolved #metaverse, which many newer metaverse-building companies would be wise to study, emulate, and learn lessons from.

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@josh awesome thread. 🙏 is an excellent articulation of some core issues I tried to address in slocanstatement.org - would be keen to hear your thoughts.

I've had a lot of feedback (most importantly around the fact that I didn't explicitly call out moderation/safety) and will be iterating it, but glad to see the conversation continuing to evolve everywhere! Ultimately this is something that the whole fediverse needs to sort out together, not just us random white dudes. 😅 @ntnsndr

kDrama spoiler: Under The Queen's Umbrella 

@mariatta Under the Queen's Umbrella is really quite the treat.

I wouldnt have thought Kim Hye Soo would be able to play such an endearing mothery role but she did it!

I look forward to the show every week!

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Google has now migrated maps.google.com to www.google.com/maps thus if you grant Geoloc permission in your browser, every G-service on www.google.com can track your location.


@mrbrown @unkerplus65 what! I was kinda expecting it to be usb thumbdrives or something!

This blows my mind. I dont think I have seen anyone carry a CD player much less from a younger person!

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