Hi everyone! A little late for the self-introductions, but here goes!

I'm a devops/systems/infra geek and would love to chat with anyone passionate about technology, regardless of field.

Currently, I'm interested a lot in -hosting .

In my spare time, together with many others, we co-organize bi-weekly drinking sessions, so if you're ever in and would like to meet other techies, just hit me up👋​

@oxtyped hello! fellow nerd in Singapore here. Currently a frontend SWE in a local AI startup. Would love to connect (read: nerd out)!


hello hello! welcome to the fediverse fellow nerd! 🖖 🎉

@oxtyped this is SO cool. When I joined (on another server) years ago, there was no one to talk to, felt like I entered an empty room. So happy to see there are others here too (and locally as well!!)

@mingxxv some of us have been around for a while but just disconnected from each other due to the lack of network effect.

Turns out all it took was an Elon to turn things around!

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