As a #gameDev/#indieDev, the best way to stay motivated is with a dev log. Time to post dev log on mastodon.

#ThinGsIFinished (TGIF :D)
- Finally finish all my assets for my game's prototype.
- Started cleaning up and hooking up the various system for my game to get a full game loop prototype next week.

Feel free to use this as a thread for your own devlog :).

I don’t think I’ve done an introduction of my css drawings yet. I drew all of these with divs, shadows and gradients. At some point I’ll give each of them their own website, until then they’re here:

The Polaroid one got reposted to Reddit a few years ago, and people got properly angry over the fact I didn’t use svg for those :blobcatgooglytrash:


Would you like to be able to get the server certificate chain using the curl tool?

Art is hard for me. Drawing each building takes me 20-30 minutes. Only manage to draw about 10 buildings after 6 hours of work.

#soloDev #indieDev #gameDev #pixelArt

Kopitiam now on v4.0.2!

New features include air-con, better lighting, cushioned seats, and that robot that helps with clearing tables. The toilet also got bidet now!

Jokes aside, the overall interface looks really good now, and the trending panel is a nice addition!

Many thanks to the instance @echoz and @lxcid for running this place and making quality-of-life improvements :D

CC: @towkay

It would be a great service to have a page somewhere with a current list of Mastodon / ActivityPub clients, sorted by implementation language, both full featured systems and component libraries. Have you seen such a thing?

@lxcid @echoz thank you both for all the work! :) singapore’s mastodon community is lucky to have you share your technical skills in this generous manner.

We made 2 changes to our instance:

- Media are now stored in Cloudflare R2 under It have free egress + it move us away from mounting volumes on each container, preventing us from scaling horizontally.
- We now run multiple services of Mastodon separately and thus able to scale specific service is there's change in load demand.

We should be able to response better to potential load. @echoz was sharing a lot of great solution and we manage to deploy many of them this weekend. :)

It just dawn on me that I have to find ways to draw at least 50 different types of buildings in my game. For a non-artist programmer, this is going to be a hard task.

#gameDev #soloDev #pixelArt

Yes, new friends from the CNA coverage, we toot here. Welcome to the server and do make your #introductions

I could whitelist the domain of course, but allowing it just feels... icky?

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Security/privacy conscious friends, how do you handle apps (especially banking apps) that tie essential functionality to services like

From, it seems loads an invasive script that attempts to port-scan/fingerprint the environment in which it's running (my banking app requested local network access).

The domain is blocked by common DNS blocklists, but with the block in place the (banking) apps fail to function.

Not sure how to do software launches but here I go!

Today I'm releasing a new opensource app I've been working on to scratch my own itch.

Presenting gpodder2go ( a drop-in replacement for a server to help keep your podcast and episodes subscriptions data in your own hands without relying on a 3rd party service.

Currently, it implements the gpodder API and works on both gpodder and @AntennaPod clients. I hope to eventually build activepub support into it.

Let’s try this again. Where you at #fediverse? Boosts welcome so we can get the best sample size.

Movie Exec: Pitch me

Me: It’s a movie about high school girls trying to figure out what clique they belong in. They move from clique to clique and eventually stop when they minimize their differences. It’s called K-Means girls.

Movie Exec: Get out of my office

we don’t get fail whales here we get errorphants

I am a network nerd (#NetworkEngineer) focused heavily on #BGP #routing, #DNS #Anycast, and modern #WebServices. I'm very interested in #InfoSec as it is directly adjacent to, and often intertwined with the network layer.

I run my own #HobbyASN, operating AS395089 on the public internet using mainly #Mikrotik routers and switches. I #blog about my experiences at

I love in #Winnipeg #Canada, and am involved in the local #InternetExchange / #IXP community, sitting both on the board of directors for MBIX, as well as participating in the MBIX Ops Team.

Outside of the Internet, I am also quite interested in #RetroGaming, focusing heavily on the #SNES era.

#introduction #networking

Apropos #DNS and #bots: you might want to follow @diffroot, created and maintained by @gryphius: that bot publishes the occasional changes to the DNS root zone — quite interesting.

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