Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 3 is my favourite episode so far! The episode really showcased every character’s personality.

What a start for Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2022… 45 mins after the original flag off time, flag off hasn’t happen, and it has already been pouring for 30 mins. People are probably going to be out in the rain for at least an hour before their race starts..!

What is the recommended fediverse app for iOS? I just realised that the Mastodon iOS app hangs after 113 characters 🥲

Recently, I find that I’ve been wanting that walk in the evening more than my dog wants to :thisisfine:

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Sharing one of my favorite poems since childhood.

By the 12thc warrior poet Xin Qiji 辛棄疾, who was sidelined during peacetime, demoted, drifting through a decade of minor posts in remote lands.

Poetry, then, is that which is left unsaid.
“My, what a cool and lovely autumn.”
#everynightapoem #poetry #translation

- I read it aloud and write a bit more about the poet, and the translation choices that I made, here:

@oxtyped Hello :) I’m back again after that data loss.

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