Movie Exec: Pitch me

Me: It’s a movie about high school girls trying to figure out what clique they belong in. They move from clique to clique and eventually stop when they minimize their differences. It’s called K-Means girls.

Movie Exec: Get out of my office

Over the last 3 years, the understanding of what barcodes, QR codes can offer has become mainstream and yet, there are people struggling to get the crux of it. Perhaps if they could generate these themselves, trivially, it will become a no-brainer. Enter, Zint Barcode Studio. Generates lots of barcode types, QR included. #FOSS, ftw!


Swedish aquavit flight at Hemlig in Singapore. Right to left in order of complex, summery, sharp and short, and complex

So you like puns, do you? You should live in Punggol!

software guy that spends much of his time thinking about life in production, how to get there, and then how to stay there. Software design, system design, incident management, etc.

Curious about the mix of social and technical that goes into building modern software, there's a different type of complex when humans start getting involved. :)

Enjoys a good cocktail, or three, trying to not go too deep in specialty coffee, there's a DSLR, but it rarely gets out of the bag.

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